Blubbb der schlechten Dichter

Dear valiant lady, dear pretty sir, too,
I’m very delighted to talk to you.
Bert Blubb’s my name and I am old,
Fisch von Erlach I’m also called.

I’d like to introduce my team:
(they are so good, it is a dream!)
Lisa’s graphics, texts and words,
are the best you’ve ever heard.
She’s also good at netwÖrking,
to mention her age is not my thing.

Moni’s texts are also strong,
however, she can’t stay for too long,
it’s not because she is a snob,
she rather has another job.

Last but not least: our cat,
who is just a very spoiled brat,
and definitely not a sir,
even if he calls himself Sir Bernhard von Purr.
Although it may sound a little bit grim,
“Bärli” is what I always call him.

I’d really like to hear from you,
writing for you is what we do.
To all of you: have a very nice day
while I go back to the tub where I always stay.

Warm regards, Bert Blubbb